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May 26, 2018

Military pride and a half

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It’s okay to have national pride, the kind where you say to yourself, you know what, “I’m proud of my country”. And then you shut the fuck up, and keep it to yourself.

That’s the normal amount of pride one should have for their country, religion, race, ethnicity, you name it.

However, I don’t even think we live in a country where most people can say “I’m proud of my country” anymore, none the less have the appropriate boundaries with pride. Especially not when that pride has quickly turned into white nationalism. In light of that – if you still want to be crying honor, dignity, and respect, you are a condescending bigot. Like literally rubbing your whiteness in the face of everyone else around you, so you can make some half-baked fake-outrage plea, oh woe is the military, not getting enough respect. We have the highest paid military in the fucking world. I’ll show it my respects by cutting it in half and giving that money to the education system.

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