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October 15, 2018

America doesn’t really care about human rights

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Is it any surprise? Recent articles coming out where america refuses to support articles of human rights, because of things regarding the death penalty they didn’t like.

You know, I made some pretty damning statements back in my 2015 piece, “damage thy enemy as doth damage thyself”:
“Look, I’m no fool, I know it’s a fallacy to correlate those without any real factual basis, but the real truth is, any culture or society which lacks the fundamental respect for human rights required to banish this barbaric tribal blood ritual from general practice, also probably lacks a lot of other fundamental moral and ethical characteristics, and should probably be treated as you would a lion on a leash, not as dictators of world decision.”

Hey America, wake the fuck up. You need to be supporting human rights, the death penalty should have been off your moral agenda years ago. You fucking idiots are still trying to strip woman’s birth rights, and are so worried about unborn babies, meanwhile, you all still support the death penalty? What the hell is wrong with you people? Get with it and stop acting like barbaric animals.

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