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October 15, 2018

catch and release propaganda part 2: I just did it for the lulz.

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I was only following orders.

What I’m seeing as time goes by, is that these two statements could end up meaning much the same thing in our history.

I can remember the earlier days of the modern internet, the beginning of memes and such, probably 2005-2006 era, this notion of “doing it for the lulz” became a thing. Who peddled it? Some smart people, some not so smart people, internet fame through trolling, or even hacking/cracking/social engineering, in the cases of many of these individuals. Most of it was just people who’d read about it, basically, imitators, or people who thought it sounded cool, and liked some of the shock value of it. Trolling for fun. And then at some point, it all went wrong.

It seemed at some point, it was basically just online harassment. It wasn’t really funny, they were just laughing at you. Then came all these various scandals, gamergate, doxing, etc. And all of the sudden, it’s become associated with racism, alt-rightism, etc.

There’s a lot of fake outrage over things on the left, a lot of false comparisons, both sides are “equally as bad” or “equally as corrupt.” Well, I call bullshit. The only thing the democrats ever mess up is letting the republicans convince the public otherwise. usually with fake outrage over political correctness or some other irrelevant issue that doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, just some bullshit hot-topic that gets the typical superstitious american idiot all riled up.

Meanwhile, back in reality, it seems like we have one party that fixes the economy and another one that consistently tanks it and gives money to rich people while suckering the poor on some notion of “you’ll get all your hard earned tax dollars back!” as if the fucking problem was ever that in the first place.

Then you’ve got libertarians, and that guy with the boot on his head, i’m pretty sure they’re about the same thing. I did like the sound of bootguy’s dental plan.

We’ve reached a funny pinnacle though, where the right will actually be the ones to claim fake-outrage on the left, despite the fact that they are the ones who fueled that troll-hate-machine in the first place, and bear the larger responsibility for all the harassment and harm it has created. That said, it’s not okay when the lady flashes “OK” at some hearing, is accused of possibly racist pandering, denies it, then does it again, “for the lulz.” What does that really mean, in light of our present context?

That said, I bring you the next installment in my anti-propaganda series, a piece presented as “a sign made by a liberal”:

Look at what these crazy liberals believe! Fake outrage!!!! As if, tongue in cheek is just not a thing. Like, this sign is clearly tongue in cheek, right? Some 65 year old lady is sharing this meme on facebook right now and acting like this is how young people really think. Ignoring the fact that people in her party are the ones who inspired hateful memes (ala Pepe the frog) and “doing it for the lulz”, and that most of the harassers, abusers, and all-around bad people seem to fall on their side of the table. We can ignore all that for a second, for some fake notion of honor and dignity, damn youngsters just not honoring and respecting their president!!!!

And you can see why some people just think we, as americans, are a bunch of idiots.

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