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October 19, 2019


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because if there’s anything we needed more in america right now, it’s for everyone to have an individually louder and isolated voice about topics that they are not experts on.

You want to talk about fake news, the media isn’t fake news, WE, are the fake news. Yes, that’s right. WE are the unqualified idiots trying to hold expect opinions. What more is this? What more is a podcast? Well, lacking self-awareness for one.

You know, it’s one thing to write or orate a subjective opinion piece, but, now, everyone has a platform. Everything needs a gotcha sound bite, or a controversial “fake outrage” to latch onto. And they’ll even make up topics to outrage over or basically just create entire alternative realitys for people to live in their headspace.

It goes to say that most people are truly not good skeptics in america right now. It should be worthy of moral outrage that there are still adults that believe the earth is flat, or perpetuate any number of conspiracy theories, moon landing crap, anti-vaxxer garbage, or even political conspiracy, blatant denial or even projection.

The new creed in america has become “I’m not a good or honest person, i’m greedy, so therefore, everyone is not a good or honest person, and everyone is greedy” It’s almost like Reagan’s famous “I’m from the government and i’m here to help.” What you’ve truly helped is to ruin the integrity of America by projecting your own sheistyness onto all of us. Some people are bad people, these people especially, but not everyone is inherently bad. Know the difference, draw the line.

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