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May 29, 2022

Heaven and Hell: Grief Limbo

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Religion often appropriates emotions like grief, sadness and heck, even happiness, it wants to apply itself to those things, or make it an escape from those things, you don’t need grief if make-believe fairy tales makes you feel better.

The thing is, many emotions and feelings we experience are meant to be experienced….anxiety is telling you to get up and go, etc. Grief is meant to be experienced, not covered up or denied. You need to deal with the situation, fill in the gaps, connect with others near them, etc. Grief, while it might not feel good, often gets you to do those things. This is where religion is a sneaky little bastard and will try to take credit, fill in the blanks with nonsense afterlife crap.

Heaven and hell are the same thing once you acknowledge grief as valid. Both sides are grief limbo, the only difference is whether you’re grieving the still-living, or, yourself.

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