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March 11, 2023

egyptian pyramid re-enactment scheme

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Recent subject that has come up a few times now, so I’m officially writing a post….PyRaMiDs ArE MaGicAL!!!

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…

have we tried? I’m calling bullshit. I hear this used to justify paranormal nonsense all the time. We re-enact the civil war all the freakin’ time, but no one ever re-enacts jews vs egyptians, come on, lets go build a pyramid and see if we can do it.

Like, same with the mayans, people wanna attribute it to magical shit, like, no, they were human sacrificing and shit, its not like they were built using OSHA safety standards, people died to make these things. It could be done today, if you used people as human sacrifices to do it the way they did, it’s just not humane.

Why is this so astounding to people? That we moved around big rocks without a bulldozer? Yes, Virginia, it’s called, SLAVES.

If these were monuments that represented more recent atrocities, like, the civil war, american slavery, the holocaust, any of the various atrocities in 3rd world countries that get written off more easily by the world*, i do question if the amusement and wonder would be the same…..or if we’d be wanting to tear them down.

it’s just the history and context is more lost with these artifacts, it doesn’t make them any better, though. if anything, more people died to build these monuments than some of the more trivial statues we’ve torn down

*shout out to them for sure, but can’t be sorry for all of humanity that we never seem to find the time. we do kinda suck.

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