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October 23, 2012

fuck this boys club

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fuck the boys club we know as the republican party. Seriously, I’m hardly what I’d call very into politics, and I’m not exactly a hardcore democrat pushing for tons of government in our lives and other bullshit, but on the other hand, I can at least recognize when an entire freaking party is:

a. racist
b. homophobic
c. sexist
d. completely and utterly dishonest to the point where they are basically catering to other dishonest people to vote for them
e. pandering to the morals of the morally bankrupt

I’ve known plenty of people in life, some honest, many others not, and some will stab you in the back as soon as you give them the chance. However, through all my times, I’ve never come across a person who consistently considers themselves a republican and actually lives an honest life. I’ve known sleezy people, liars, backstabbers, people living in a delusion, among others.

I don’t even think it comes down to conservative values, it’s even worse than just that. People who live their lives in total hypocrisy. I mean, in many ways it’s a vote against themselves, but that doesn’t matter because a cheater will vote for the cheater. More and more I start to realize why the amount of people I keep in my life is so limited. This kind of thinking is just unacceptable to me. I just don’t put up with it. I will literally spend any conversation we have from there on out either unbrainwashing you, or unfolding my gradual distance from you at this point.

What I realize is that it’s a boys club. A brotherhood of sorts. My daddy raised us this way, red blooded american ronald reagan american flags and cocaine! I mean, you can’t live in the 80s forever, and plus, Reagan was a piece of shit, basically took good ol blow job Bill Clinton to fix the damage he did…And the cocaine, it’s basically the truth. These kind of people will do drugs, live totally unhealthy lifestyles, cheat on their wives, lie, steal, etc, then vote as if they were conservative saints. Again, it’s the boys club, it’s group think, and it’s not logical.

If you are going to think about politics or what we really should be doing, trust me, giving rich people more money because you’re dumb enough to think you can lie and cheat your way to the top, too, is a poor gamble. Chances are, even if you are successful, you’ll likely STILL not be rich enough for it to have truly made that much of a difference to you. And the majority of them already escape paying most of their taxes via loopholes, so really, it’s all a joke, a show of sorts. A game of control. All it will really end up doing is cost you more money in the interim.

I’m far beyond thinking this is about the troops or service or what not. Look, we need that stuff, but we only need it to protect our way of life, but not to control our way of life and/or impose our way of life on others. If you think voting for more wars or more “service men” is the way to go, just remember what history shows about the greedy. We already have the largest military by a large enough extent that it’s scary.

– The hypocrisy of voting based on your religious beliefs: I’d much prefer atheist candidates on both parties. Guess I’m screwed.
– The hypocrisy of voting for someone who is clearly trying to take us into a war with Iran, while claiming you believe in the stories of peace-loving hippy jesus who would never have been down with such a thing.
– The hypocrisy of men who when talking about abortion issues all the sudden become mr.touchy-feely and tell heartbreaking stories. Really guys? It’s almost always the same guys (or women) who turn around and act like mr.tough-guy/militant bitch at any other moment in life. So now’s the time to own up and drop the act, either act like a pussy all the time, or start killing some babies.
– The hypocrisy of an entire party that thinks we can lower taxes when the country is in debt, but we’ll make up for it by cutting actually-useful services that are costing us barely anything, instead of the gigantic military budget consuming the majority of it.
– The hypocrisy of “supporting the troops” by creating more wars or more military. This isn’t really supporting the troops, this is supporting american imperialism.
– The hypocrisy of trickle-down-economics and ronald reagan. He began digging the hole we’re in now, rich people haven’t been giving any money back at all, they’ve been stockpiling. The truth is, there’s less money to go around and more overall debt because of his policies. It doesn’t matter if you think one day you’ll be one of the money-stockpilers, the fact is, you won’t be, and in the mean time you have helped say “fuck you” to everyone around you as well.
– The hypocrisy of not supporting universal healthcare and abolishing our corrupt medical system. No other country in the world is medicine so much about making money rather than saving lives. What kind of honest and morally-upstanding citizen would really vote against healthcare for all?

There’s some people who just think others need to be told what to do and whatever they say goes. This is usually imposed by fear and punishment. If you think this is how our government should work too, your life is probably already fucked. You were probably bought up by over-controlling parents and never escaped, now you’re just stuck in stockholm syndrome and have begun to enjoy your abusers.

What else? I don’t know. I’m done. I don’t have to justify this shit to anyone, but it’s in words now at least. Fuck the brotherhood of ignorance. This is the real world, why are people putting up with group think and stupidity?

October 21, 2012

living in your own reality

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Sometimes people live in another world. Like literally, their entire life is a completely different world from yours. Different people with different opinions and they’re just immersed in it all. I guess this is not a surprise for many, but the thing one must realize is that just because of this fact, something to one person may mean a completely different thing to you.

However, and also because of this, you might be lulled by the confidence they have in their opinions, despite it all being based upon a completely false reality. I’m the kind of person who likes to smash other’s realities. I don’t often find people who can smash mine. I’ve done a lot of brain exploration and what not in my days. If this blog isn’t a testament to that, what is?

I think I’ve got a lot more realistic expectations of things at this point. We’ve all got our problems, but some people are so deluded that their problem lies on the very basis of their reality, rather than on any particular opinion. I think my biggest thing at this point is lack of focus on any particular thing, as I attempt to do all of the things. I also choose not to have the largest social life in the world at this point, as I find the amount of people who I get along with on that kind of level is limited.

It’s funny, as some people consider me outgoing these days, but I still internalize a lot, so I don’t really know if I truly consider myself that way. I think many people make the mistake of only interpreting the person you are to them, rather than the person you are to everyone else. I also think it gives me an automatic upper hand on people who live externally to a fault, as those people are generally blinded by trying to fit in with the group around them for approval and even sacrifice themselves in order to appear as if they get along with people they don’t truly like.

That can be almost puzzling to me at times. Why pretend to enjoy someone, they will just keep coming back? If you were real to them, you would have just lost their attention and they’d move on. Being fake is never really beneficial to achieving much of anything. Maybe some ruse of popularity or likability at best, but I’m not dumb enough to fall for that kind of crap. What is wrong with some people? Why must we maintain false realities? We’re just maintaining the groupthink and false sense of brotherhood.

I immediately think of religion, evangelicals, the bible belt, republicans, politicians, business men, irish catholic stereotypes, so on and so forth.

I will never help you maintain a false reality. I will not participate in groupthink and/or brotherhood/secret society type of behavior. I recognize true comradely and not just a facade of regalia. We have large institutions that are corrupting this country, they’re called religion, they’re called police, they’re called corporations, thought control, the idea that the government should be telling you what’s right and wrong for you. What you’re allowed to eat, drink, smoke, swallow, breath…

Every time someone dies from their own irresponsibility we must ignore that and instead form a cause, a charity, a militia, take donations, create a focus group, and have 10 laws made and engraved onto stones which should be put in front of buildings telling everyone else how they should live because one person dear to them fucked it up and we must all pay the price.

I really wish I was making it up. I really wish there were people who didn’t think like this. There are. They are republicans, they are democrats, they are everywhere. They are completely irrational, illogical, selfish, so blind about their own emotions and feelings that they put turn raw emotional responses into direct opinion and don’t even question the logic or rationality of it even once.

And there are crowds of people who will jump up to support them in their cause, purely because of the emotional response it elicits in them. It’s like a pastor to the parish, amen! And you may all now be seated.

October 11, 2012

social disconnect network

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Meanwhile, in social networking land, everyone is busy #pattingeachotherontheback and #jerkingeachotheroff on twitter. Oh look, facebook, another witty eCard, a half-ass political or religious debate, and/or other random pictures. Oh, internet, you are so predictable.

Oh wait, pictures of cats. All is well now.

You know, I’ve always written this blog with no real intentions of any sort, just kind of my way to get out my thoughts and feelings or whatever the fuck those things are. I never intended it as a social device or platform, but have occasionally brought it up in social contexts, after-the-fact.

I guess my real problem is that I’m not in the market for opinions, and I’m not buying yours just because you’re selling it. I don’t have to care about your opinion, even if I might agree with it, and that is what makes me awesome, and you just another piece of shit on the internet looking for attention.

I don’t know what it is, but I can just sense this shit from a mile away now. What are people’s intentions anyway? Actually check that, they’re all probably on the same bullshit quest for money, power, and notoriety. Not that I’m immune to such diseases but I do things on my own terms, not with pats on the back coming from others. That’s what makes me different from the average schmuck with a twitter, blog, and facebook.

This will always be more real than anything any of those kind of people will write, ever. There can’t be greatness without validity, and lack of intention. It’s like an accident. You didn’t intend for it, you didn’t just sucker everyone around you into joining the cult of yourself only to then surprise them with your greatness, no, that’s just not how it works.

Some think so, though. Those who are all talk, of course, love others who are as well. This is simple, because neither will attempt to call each other out on their lack of credibility. When someone who actually takes action is around, well, fuck em, distract them with needless questions, bear no responsibility of the need to provide proof to your claims, then agree to disagree, so you can still feel right in the end.

This is your modern society. This is your culture. The thinly veiled smiles you see on those around you are just due to ignorance of the reality around them. Only those who choose to keep their eyes open will see the truth, the others, let them revel in the ignorance of social approval over reality. What have you really achieved in the end? How will history remember you?

That’s right, just another fucking peasant. Off with his head! Bring in the jester! Entertain me fool!

September 12, 2012

LOL, Fails from the past

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So, I don’t usually write about my job much anymore. Oh sure, occasional mention here or there, or sometimes I’ll do a mock post, where I mock something indirectly, but leave no real tie back to anything. However, in the past and at my old job, I definitely did this, one time I trusted the wrong people and it caused a bit of a stir, requiring me to respond to people who really had no business trying to dictate my thoughts or my personal life in the first place. So, if I do have these kind of posts now-a-days, they either stay private or don’t get written about.

Oh man, is it hilarious seeing others, 10+ years older than myself, make the same mistakes of my punk-ass 19 / 20 year old self. Just knowing that alone, gives me hope for the future, because by the time I’m that age, I’ll probably be on another plane of life experience, far beyond the ego tripping and “trying to prove a point / prove myself” kind of stage I used to be in. Even just reading some of my previous posts, right before this one, questioning myself and my experiences with dating and what not. Having eventually accomplished the things I wanted, the wisdom gained from that already differentiates myself from that other me from only just a year ago.

I write this now as my birthday looms ahead. Another day, another year. Who knows where life will take me. It’s funny, I still have my own issues, but I’ve also got people who respect me and my talents. I’ve stopped fearing failure and started embracing it. The fear of failure and/or not being able to understand or get something done, will in and of itself, prevent you from getting things done. Also, it stops you from learning new things and gaining experience.

When people in power are afraid of failure, it creates a power gap, as those who are not afraid of failure will quickly step up and invade this space. However, first new lesson learned, those who step up are not always those with good intentions.

Some, not all, and this is not to be taken lightly. The ones who do have truly good intentions are probably some of the greatest assets. The ones who are questionable are probably the most dangerous.

Those who are prone to religion and/or the occult are often easily persuaded to have faith in highly ideological concepts, but in practice, this is always triumphed by real-world use cases and experience. I think it’s a logical fallacy to give attribute to anyone for anything until their ideology has come to fruition. That’s probably why I throw all things religious promptly out the window. To have faith in an idea simply because it’s presented intelligently is a logical fallacy in my book.

I want to see real things, out the door. Experience, the kind where things get done. That’s all experience really means, it’s an assessment of your capability to do, til completion. I don’t need to be lectured to, and I certainly don’t need a demonstration. What do I look like, some sort old king? Perform for me, peasant! Not good enough, NEXT! No, it’s not that complicated, really. Just make shit work. Don’t turn yourself into a side-show.

Oh, but how I’ve seen that happen, time and time again. Dance, jester! Entertain me! And when I see it, I can’t help but think of my younger self, making those same mistakes. It happens in all areas of life, you’ll have that deja vu, with a flash of wisdom. You don’t need to do anything to prove yourself, you just do things and that happens by itself. Also, don’t expect anything in return. You’re already getting paid to be there. Your peers won’t appreciate it when you publicly demonstrate that you think you’re worth more than them, I promise.

What else, hmm, I’m feeling all wisdom’ed out for now. Maybe I’ll have some more words of advice for you all next year. In the mean time, everyone else, keep on sucking, and I’ll keep on writing.

December 4, 2011

social awkwardness (it’s you this time)

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Half the fun of being social is the awkwardness it causes the other person, too. It isn’t just you, it’s them too. Isn’t it amusing? When I take a step back, and introspect on the situations around me, it’s funny how all the tough guys turn into wimps, and all the stuck up bitches seem to have lost all their attitude….the condescending bullshit shows up as huge gaps in confidence, the tough guy act shows up as a child-like need for attention and when you go into such a situation with no such ill-will, it’s amazing how these types of interactions quickly reveal their true intentions.

People love to use things like religion, a holier-than-thou attitude, prayer, social clubs, secret societies, so called ‘spiritual’ awakenings, among other things, to justify their behavior to themselves. Basically, all giant piles of group think. I’ve started to realize what the danger of this is: You will sacrifice your own honesty and integrity for an attempt at being an asshole to seem cool. Good job. You have won life now.

November 2, 2011

myers-briggs everything

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So, as of late I got back into the myers-briggs type indicator. I was a little into it a few years ago when a friend of mine had introduced me to it. I used to not care as much about it and my scoring was a little more inconsistent back then, but overwhelmingly I was always an ISTP and it fits me pretty well these days, back then I wasn’t as sure as I am now.

Now I’m making everyone take it. Friends, family, coworkers, etc. I’m just on a mission to understand people better and find out what kind of people excite me and what kind of people I just don’t get along with. I don’t really take it so seriously as to think of it as an absolute indicator of everything, but certain things ring particularly true as of late and I’m learning how to use parts of my personality better.

On the other hand, while you can sometimes read my inner emotions from my external gestures, it’s often amazing how well I conceal my thoughts and feelings. I can so easily lead people to believing various things about me or the situation at hand, often times coming off as mysterious or what not, but really, I just pick and choose who gets to know me, and it changes constantly. I’ve also started to realize how well I can pick up on other’s insecurities and emotions, because I’m often so emotionally detached from conversation, I’ve started being able to see when others are not.

While I generally have a sense of honesty, loyalty, and righteousness, if I don’t like you, I am worried I may start using my new found abilities in all the wrong ways. I’m realizing how easily I can manipulate people’s thoughts about me by simply acting a certain way outwardly, even if I’m thinking something entirely different. I’m also just calling out people’s bullshit more frequently, bullshit that I often wouldn’t have noticed in the past. I think doing the latter is probably the more honorable route, even if it makes me more enemies.

July 2, 2011

what do I want

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With my new found insight into the world and all that bullshit, I’ve always been asked the question, so what do you want anyway? What are my expectations? What am I looking for?

It’s funny reading through some of my old posts here, I was at one point so perfectly content saying fuck humans, relationships and love and all that kind of bullshit. I was so content with certain things, although not with others. It’s clear that I misread my own feelings as well, basically trying to pass off anxiety as misanthropy, but I’ve said and done weirder things, so somehow this doesn’t surprise me. Plus, I was like still in my teens back then, so what the fuck did I know about anything? Even so, I feel like it’s so much time wasted, but as usual I’m taking my own weird ass path to get there. Seems like that’s pretty much like my life right there, no matter what I do, or perhaps I’m creating that reality by saying this, or all that kind of psychobabble bullshit. Anyway, who the fuck knows.

In either case, what was the question again? Oh, yeah, what do I want. I don’t really think that’s a hard question, to be honest, at this point I just want something mutual, on the same page, or what not. I don’t really have any particular requirements or expectations, I just need to get myself out there and have more experiences, for better or worse. It doesn’t really even matter to me at this point about the specifics, and to be honest, the specifics change over time anyway. It’s the broader character traits which end up mattering most, from my experiences anyway.

What else, hmm, alcohol is a weird drug. I still don’t really enjoy it that much compared to others, but I find it amusing how people are allowed to excuse so much on it. It’s like, you are allowed a mulligan on life if you were drunk. I still don’t really buy that for some reason. It’s not like I haven’t been drunk a whole bunch of times myself. I’m still sort of exploring it though. I’m also not good at reading people who are drunk, maybe if I am also drunk it will be easier, but who knows, I’m not that great at reading people to begin with, but that’s sort of why I’m trying to figure this crap all out I guess.

Oh yeah, and what’s with people still thinking I’m writing about them on here? I can’t believe this still happens…hasn’t anyone looked at my ” about” page to the right? This has happened like 50 times before and you’re always wrong…I’m writing about experiences and the person(s) involved in them, I’m often never writing about any particular person, and it’s generally about people who are not my friends or involved in my life anymore. And before anyone judges me over just one particular blog post, you could, you know, actually try reading more than that and see if you really understand what the purpose of this waste of space is. These are my inner thoughts. This may or may not be representative of my opinions and views on life at any particular point in time. Inner thoughts are subject to frequent change. There will be no refunds.

June 28, 2011

that guy just like me

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So, I haven’t written in a while, but thought I’d make a status update as I’ve been going through a lot as of late.

For some reason, whenever I find a girl I actually like, I tend to for some reason end up making them not like me for some reason or the other. Why, I don’t know, maybe I make it too obvious or something. I never have any trouble before I meet someone (like if I’m just chatting online or what not) or if I’m not attracted to them, but if I am and I give any sort of hint towards it, I seem to drive them away to someone who’s just like me, at least in one particular area or the other. Yeah, what?

You can’t control who you’re attracted to and who you’re not, at the same time, I don’t really think I’m that picky. The people who seem to actually be attracted to me, who I’ve met through whatever means (typically online dating bullshit), always seem to be dishonest people, who misrepresent themselves, and then when I meet them I’m not attracted to them, because they basically lied about themselves, which in and of itself is a big turn-off, on top whatever physical feature they were trying to hide (usually, very overweight, with the personality to match).

Look, I’m not in the best shape, but I’m trying, and to be honest, I don’t really care about it that much as long as they are at least making an effort and aren’t like, way more overweight than I am, but I never seem to find these people who are of “equivalent weight status” as I am. It’s either way fat or normal, there’s no in-between it seems, at least not that I’ve found. I think it’s because most girls of that status tend to try and pass off as normal and then expect a guy who’s normal, even though that’s technically sort of asking for more than you are willing to give.

Anyway, back to the whole guy just like me thing, it’s almost like that Dane Cook (insert obligatory dane cook hatred here) movie “Good Luck Chuck” where, after going out with this dude and failing, the chick then meets the guy of her dreams or whatever. It’s like, girls meet me, they like enough about me to want someone just like me, plus or minus whatever trait it is that must have turned them off, of course I’ll never get an explanation of whatever that is though. Okay. what the fuck.

Maybe I’m just reading into this all too much, but I can’t help but feel like on top of the fact that, a. that person will never really be me, and b. the whole premise of what drove that person to them is borderline crazy, the shit is probably just doomed to fail anyway, but regardless the shit’s no good for my psyche either, how is that supposed to make me feel?

Of course, I never get any sort of explanation or reasoning behind it, you want the version of me that’s more of a hippy? or perhaps the slightly better-in-shape/vegan version, or maybe you want the one with more social skills? or the one who treats you like a dick, yeah that one’s popular. Who knows? After all, I’m not as different as I like to think, right? So clearly there must be just another person out there who’s similar enough minus whatever trait it is you don’t like about me today?

Ohh, I’m the victim again, boohoo, well, too bad, ya know, at this point I’m so fed up with this crap, why is it that the only people who ever are attracted to me are basically people who just don’t care about themselves, don’t have their shit together, are miserable, still have the same general interests as a 15 year old teenager, and/or are just fucking crazy. Who knows? I don’t claim to have all my shit together either, but I’ve at least got some goals in life.

Am I really that fucked up that the only people who can overlook my eccentricities are people who are twice as fucked as me? It’s starting to become quite frustrating at this point. I’ve actually started to wonder as of late if I’ve had like asperger syndrome or some crap this whole time and just didn’t realize it, because of how much trouble I have with these types of situations. They do say that people who have it often get misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD which sounds so much like my childhood story, but really, that’d just be an excuse at best. Even if I did have it, how does that change anything? It won’t get me the things I want by finding a convenient excuse. I don’t really think I have anything that wrong, I just need to meet the right person. The question is, will that person reciprocate, or just ditch me for some other guy just like me?

March 8, 2011

not wanting to fail doesn’t mean you still aren’t failing

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by not wanting to fail, you’re failing

that’s right, don’t fail! failures are failing all the time at rapidly increasing rates

reduce your failure now, increase your win

three simple steps

a. stop failing
b. stop trying not to fail
c. win

January 20, 2011

selfish selflessness

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So, in conclusion, I am still not fully enjoying my attempt at being a more social person.

Maybe my expectations are all fucked up or something, could it be that simple?

Maybe I’m picking from the wrong crowd, I don’t know, I work, I get out more than I used to which is still not much, but, I have limited exposure to a crowd of people, which I’m wondering if might be bringing me down in the long term.

I’m falling back into old eating habits again too, I need to start drinking more water again I think. However, part of my new eating habits emerged due to my new social life or whatever. At the same time, I’m considering leaving it all to move closer to my job and get a fresh start on the whole social thing. I don’t know when. I want more money saved up before I do anything too drastic.

I spent my last year spending a lot of money on music equipment and not enough time on music. I need to get everything I have in working order and finish setting up what I have. I need to start saving more money and not spend it. At the same time, my current friends seem to make almost nothing in comparison and don’t seem to really have that much ambition in terms of making more, maybe talk but no action. I am a procrastinator myself, but my base level of wants and desires has kept me motivated enough to work hard at my job and keep showing up on time, even though I’m starting to realize how much I hate working on a fixed schedule.

I’ve been playing around with some ideas in my head regarding things like compassion and altruism, in the past, yeah root of all evil, I know, but I was like, okay, maybe I am just coming off like some really selfish unsociable person or something because of it…or maybe I’m just too quick to judge people, or something.

One thing hasn’t changed, I always know what I don’t like.

I don’t like most new music. OK, I like some, but not most. If they play it on TV or Radio right now, I probably hate it. That “Fuck You” song irritates me even though it kind of stands a bit for George Carlin’s seven dirty words. That’s the thing, George Carlin at least had some sophistication, I feel like this song is the verbal equivalent of the “baby got back” music video rather than making a point. It’s like, people want to be shocked, basically. Come on, push the limits, I dare you, but it’s all bullshit. There were never any limits anyway, it’s just an illusion…bleep out a word, as if we don’t know what the word is. Who does any of it fool? Fuck you, oh nos, you said a bad word. This generation is much more tolerable to naughty language than the past few, but needlessly rubbing it in my face to prove said point is unnecessary…I got the point when George Carlin made it, and Lenny Bruce before him, and all the others who actually got arrested/gave a part for the cause, this song? Meh, “fuck you” is practically casual language now with a large portion of people I know. This isn’t shocking anymore. Lady Gaga sucks too. I hate people who passively let music find them, rather than finding music they like.

I hate when people are so blinded by their own selfless acts that they don’t realize when said acts are hurting others. Much the same as activists who only fight for half the side of the story, a selfless act intended to help which in turn hurts irritates me much the same way.

I hate jealousy and the resulting anxiety it causes me. I’m not even really sure what I’m jealous about anymore. It seems to just be a response to my lack of action and the actions of others. I hate feeling upstaged, I guess, but at the same time I’m not a very competitive person, so I have no easy way to deal with it. Sometimes I feel like there’s another person in my head which wants to escape but is constantly forced through the filters of my life/world/reality. Filters, anxiety, whatever. Fact is, I still feel like there’s something holding it back, and I’m not entirely sure what. I feel like I’m close, closer than ever before, but at the same time, recent events have sort of made me feel like regressing back to old habits. Will I ever break free of whatever is holding me back? I wonder if it’s a chicken or the egg thing – will I break free if I get the things I want, or will I get what I want if I break free…I still feel that is the latter, but my recent regressions make me think I need to change tactic. Different group of people maybe? I don’t know, and honestly I’m no good at finding new people to hang out with. I feel like my current friends aren’t a perfect match, but are better than nothing. I don’t want to feel like they’re temporary or that I’m taking them for granted, but I’m not sure how much any of this really matters anyway, but what I do know is that I can’t just stay the same.

I don’t speak my mind enough, but sometimes what I’m thinking might be judgmental, or hard truth that some people don’t want to hear. However, as I quietly listen and observe while thinking said things, I start to wonder if I’m the one creating the false pretenses by subjecting myself to situations which I don’t entirely like to begin with. However, I question on the opposite side of the situation as to whether my judgement might be too harsh or premature, but the thing is, more often than not it stays the same over time, so I tend to rule out the premature theory…Or am I just never able to admit I’m wrong…but how can I be wrong if the matter is of taste? There’s no right or wrong for things like that…but is it wrong to judge someone because you don’t like their taste? I sort of feel like you represent yourself with what you consume…

Maybe I just am focusing too much on the things I don’t like. I’m always so quick to disagree when I don’t like something, either that or I’ll say nothing, in either case the conversation is probably dead by now. What am I supposed to focus on though, the things I like? OK, so when people don’t like the things I like, then where am I at? Is that when I look for a new crowd? You know, it’s stupid shit like this which are the things in life that drive me crazy.

I hate when people are always calling me a genius, usually in the middle of a social situation where I’m feeling like a total idiot or otherwise uncomfortable/awkward/whatever. I don’t want to be some awkward person, am I really so damn different? Is there really no one else who thinks even remotely like I do? This is almost an insult to me now, it’s just like, you’re weird. Thanks a lot.

Can you be polite and selfish at the same time? What is being polite anyway? If it’s telling people what they want to hear, then I don’t want to be polite. Doing things for others? I wouldn’t even know where to start, I have enough time trying to take care of myself. Maybe I’m still not ready for this, I don’t know. It’s like how can I improve myself if it requires selfless acts, because I’m too far into selfish land, while at the same time not becoming a tasteless fake of my former self. I’m supposed to be nice, make compliments, whatever, but if those things don’t come naturally to me, why should I force it? That seems even more awkward to me. I don’t even know how to respond when people compliment me most of the time other than just being like thanks or something that briefly ends the encounter. I guess I don’t like compliments that much, so I don’t give them. I feel like compliments raise some sort of expectation or something. I guess people like to feel like their efforts are worthwhile or something, but if you only do things you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about whether or not something is worth it, because you will have enjoyed it regardless, thats how I feel anyway.

I’ve heard things like you need to like yourself before you can like other people, but I sort of feel indifferent about it all I guess, so it seems to cancel out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me for not liking certain things that a lot of other people like. Sometimes it almost seems like it would be easier if I liked those things…but, I just can’t do it. I have my own taste. Sure, I’ve changed my mind about a few things in the past, but, generally I know whether I like something or not.

So back to that whole altruism thing, I mean, root of all evil still? I don’t know, let’s get back to that. Moving on…

Compassion for others? Love and all that? Well, before, I guess my stance was sort of, it’s all fake! Chemicals in your brain…I suppose I still sort of agree with that, even though I want a girl in my life and probably would fall aimlessly into said chemical trap. At one point I felt like I had to put up some manly shield, I gotta be tough and shit right! Love, pfft, who needs that. In hindsight, I think I was probably just being blinded by my own false perceptions of gender expectations. I think generally it’s kind of hard to make fun of a guy having feelings for a girl, I mean, that’s hardly too unusual for a straight dude. I need to stop being afraid of my own damn emotions and take down these filters…blah! I don’t know why I do these things to myself. It makes me feel like I’m really out of touch with things in either case. I don’t trust my intuition even when it generally does tell me the truth.

I have read that compassion is a required part of love, I’m not really sure what any of it means anymore. I mean, obviously if I like someone, I’m not going to be mean to them, but compassion? I don’t know. I guess I have trouble with the whole going out of my way for others, but at the same time, I know if I had a girlfriend I’d probably go out totally of my way for them because I’m a total pushover like that, though I’m sure that’d get old fast so within reason of course. I guess I don’t risk compassion enough – like a gamble or bet or something. If you don’t ever play, you don’t ever win, or lose for that matter…but you can’t only play when the odds are in your favor, you have to play anyway on the chance it goes that way. but i hate gambling so maybe i shouldn’t have used that example haha.

Some people have no problem doing tons of things for other people, but is that what it’s really about? I mean, I don’t think compassion is helping a lazy person be lazy, I mean I suppose the occasional kind gesture or whatever, but what if things are more convenient for the other person than myself? Go out of my way? Hmm, but how often and how much is too much? You know, these things don’t have any definite answer, but at the same time, I don’t want to feel like I’m not being myself, or being used.

People say I’m smart – but something as stupid as this has me in pieces – I mean, I wish people really knew the truth, meh, forget that, I wish I had the guts to just flat out say the truth in response to that “you’re smart” bullshit. I’m smart? OK fine whatever. And you’re what, dumb? Average? How are your social skills? Mine, oh well that’s a long story.

I want to fit in but I want to be different at the same time. I don’t know what the fuck my deal is anymore. Why the hell things don’t ever come together more easily is beyond me, but if it’s not going to happen by itself, then I need to do something. I just don’t know what.

I started feeling kind of lonely at one point, so I sort of immersed myself into a few social situations, but now I wonder if all I really did was lead myself further down a road of false hopes and pretenses…and in the end, I left not feeling as lonely, but not really any more happy.

I think it’s time to just conclude I’m not getting what I want from these social situations, at the same time I’m not even sure what I want, some kind of mental stimulation or something, I just am not able to speak my mind freely enough with the crowd I’m in, and fall backs such as common interests and what not seems to lead me to more frustration…The stupid thing is, the crowd I’m in thinks they’re open, liberal, kinda hippyish, etc, and yet I can’t speak my mind. Fact is, people are open to what doesn’t shatter their world, but if you’re bumbling around wondering what your new horoscope date is and come across someone with any hint of skepticism and some awkward social behavior, they must be a fucking genius.

On a slightly different note, I don’t like how some people act when they’re drunk. Being drunk doesn’t mean you can just make stupid decisions and blame it on drunkenness. You made the decision to get drunk, thus you’re just as responsible for any decisions thereafter. At this point, I already don’t drink, but I’m tempted to give up any sort of routine intoxication of any kind – once in a while maybe, but close to near every day? Too much…old habits die hard i guess.

More to the point, physical attraction is a dirty whore. Rather, physical attraction makes a dirty whore. Alcohol is an excuse, but the lack of standards is apparently now socially acceptable. I blame the 60s. Fucking hippies. Literally. Yeah, this is like the 2nd time it’s caught me off guard. People this day in age don’t fuck around about fucking around. I guess in that regard I’m somewhat conservative. Wow, not that I want some submissive housewife or anything, but, I’m a dude who still has standards, I thought there was some women out there who still had em, but nope, even the ones you think do, just wait for an attractive enough guy to walk their way, get to know you? yeah, that’s what she said.

Anyway, back to that whole altruism thing. What I’m starting to realize is that even altruism is kind of a mutual selfish thing, rather than a selfless thing entirely. Haha, the golden rule. That whole, treat others how you want to be treated, with the intention that your bet will pay off and you’ll get some treatment back. Okay, but everyone? And how nice exactly? What does any of it really mean? I’m starting to think that it’s not really all as bad as I’m making it out to be, but really, at this point none of it matters unless I can actually meet some new people and test out some of these theories.

I’m still not sure where I’m really going with all this…I just know where I’m not…

November 29, 2010

I am who I am who I am not

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Well it’s been an interesting couple of months/weeks/whatever and I’m starting to take issue with some of the missing pieces in my social consciousness and begin to develop them for better or worse. However long and painful this process may be, as usual I already have all the “don’t’s” filled out and the “do’s” empty.

Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, the time is now! YOU HAVE THE POWER. OMFG.


Yes, my feeble path of existence has taken yet another turn and who knows what will happen now. Will I bust through this wall of doubt in time? Oh, so I fucked up some along the way, but you know what, you start to realize everyone else is fucking up just as much, and sometimes even more so than yourself. And once that realization has come you can finally be freed from the mindfuck.

So I’ve been given numerous pieces of advice.

don’t hesitate, be more aggressive, don’t think about it just do…etc…sounds all so generic. After all, we’re just playing by social expectations here. Male’s are supposed to be domineering or aggressive or whatever, but at the same time i’ve never fit into any social standards. Am I perpetually screwed, or bound to find someone like me? The problem is, many people who share similar perspectives are in far worse situations and I suppose this can be taken too far…

What people say and what people want are often two different things. Some people are users and want abusers, but pretend like they want gentle and kind. Others say they are shy but really just expect you to do everything for them. People are fucked in the head in all kinds of ways and at this point I have trouble comprehending it all. Especially the twisted psycho crap I’ve been dealing with recently, I feel like I’m too old to be playing these kind of games with people. I can’t deal with people stuck in their past, at the same time I wonder how much I might still be stuck in mine…

why the fuck doesn’t this shit just fall together either? is it really just a confidence game? is this like some kind of bullshit job interview? Maybe the general public is just too screwed up to be able to pull off any sort of coherent conversation so it’s all just filled with fluffy lies and comforting story tales. Or maybe it’s just the people I meet…

I hate stupid white lies. I don’t care what you think. Don’t lie to me to make me feel better. I will hate you forever. I am not a woman asking if I’m fat. I expect real answers from real people. If you aren’t a real person, then you are a superficial piece of crap and are basically dead to me. I am tired of this.

I’m starting to be like, what the fuck at this point. You know, there’s a lot of bullshit out there and the filter is being upgraded.

1. I’m tired of people who don’t have their shit together financially and complain about it.
2. I’m materialistic as fuck. That’s right, deal with it. I like things. It’s part of animal nature to claim one’s territory. I’m claiming mine now. I’m tired of people acting like this is some sort of bad thing. Fuck you hippies.
3. I selectively care about things. That’s right, I don’t care about EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. Chances are, my priorities take precedence over others, if I can’t take care of myself, who will?

If you disagree with me on any of the above things, and then proceed to complain about your problems in life to me, I have the right to tell you to go fuck yourself and/or blow me, as that is the proper payment for being the manwhore you take me for.

October 3, 2010

Hippy Intellectualism – pseudo-intellectualism part 2 (aka my underhanded review of the movie “A Waking Life” and my friends who like it.)

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I’ve recently been exposed to what I’d like to call hippy intellectualism – it’s sort of half-assed spiritual/philosophical psychobabble wrapped up in a big clusterfuck of mental drudgery. Basically, this is what happens when a bunch of liberals/hippies/activists/etc get together and decide to discuss things with no real methodology, or purpose in a philosophical manner, that the average uneducated person would think of as intellectual.

Basically, it’s like mental masturbation with a lack of insight into much of anything. You’re just playing with yourself in your head, without really saying or doing anything. It’s just like a hippy to be a bum and do nothing, thusly why I call this “hippy intellectualism.”

It’s what happens when you try to over-philosophize everything, turn everything into some sort of mysterious phenomena and then spew whatever thought comes to mind, no matter how brainlessly stupid it really is.

Maybe I’m a negative nancy and my glass is half empty, but i’d rather be the most pessimistic person on earth than some blabbering buffoon spewing pseudo-psychoanalytical bullshit and then acting like I’m intellectual for pretending that any of it made any sense, which of course it doesn’t. I can’t do that to myself.

I also can’t pretend to like these things because I have a lot of friends that do. I suppose a lot of my friends are on the hippy side, but even so, I can’t dumb myself down enough to pretend that this kind of shit is somehow intelligible. It’s a bunch of gibberish prepackaged to look and sound like legitimate discussion, but really it’s just a bunch of hippies who took one too many hits off the pipe. Although that’s just another excuse – pot doesn’t make people blathering idiots like that, it’s when you drop all your inhibitions and common sense and then smoke pot that people start actin’ a fool.

I also hate when people start obsessively liking things that other people like just because they’re friends and/or like that person. It just shows how much of a lack of self that some people have and really, makes it no surprise that they’d fall into such pseudo-intellectual bullshit. It’s also started to make me question the kind of people I want close in my life – I hate raising my standards but I can only put up with so much bullshit. I’ve started to realize that lack of common sense can be a real turn off…

Real intellectuals don’t need to have these bullshit borderline philosophical discussions – they understand the scientific method and logic and know how to obtain results through proper research and how to properly present the results of research in a clear and concise way. The total opposite of this hippy psychobabble which really has no point to make nor any research or results to back it up.

I feel like I’d be doing my friends a disservice to be any less honest, even if it means calling them out on their hippy bullshit, so, to all my hippy friends, consider yourselves educated.

October 2, 2010

expectations and how to ruin your life before the day even started

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I’ve recently in my oddly somewhat more social recent self, discovered some new phenomena worthy of discussion. That’s right, it’s almost been a year, but I’m back.

People have all sorts of hidden expectations and goals when it comes to a social situation. Basically, people are friends when there’s some sort of mutual connection which typically has to serve both sides in somewhat equal proportions or the whole situation gets pretty whack. When one persons expectations of the situation differ from another’s, a disparity of sorts develops in which one person’s expectations may be met and/or partially met and the others are completely messed up.

While being in a few situations recently, I’ve started to realize how fucked up some of the intentions can be. A simple social gesture can be completely misconstrued as to fit into your own reality of expectation and when in truth it had nothing to do with it or simply was misunderstood. I guess my problem in this all is finding my place when I’ve come to realize my expectations aren’t being met, and when others are conflicting, or attempting to sort of twist the situation into their favor.

Maybe in a way I’m starting to just see the people around me better, but I often miss the overall intentions in many people in my ultimate daze of observation. I suppose living in my own reality was nice while it lasted, but now I’ve come to realize that I need to step up my game if I expect others to play by my rules instead of theirs…

All this has really done is cause a bunch of confusion, but on top of that I have to deal with other people’s instabilities and what not, so some of my confusion is justified, and in those cases I’m now learning that it’s probably best to just back off…as much as some people need a shoulder to cry on, I can’t be that person if I’m not getting what I expect out of the situation, as sort of cruel as that sounds. I have enough trouble dealing with my own damn instabilities none the less others, plus half the time that kinda person wouldn’t listen to me anyway, so basically they’re just wasting my time for what’s basically a hit off the obligatory social pipe, and will just go back to their previous state anyway.

I am not your drug, I can’t be used when you please, only to be discarded later when you ignore my advice and shit falls apart anyway. Drugs never solve your problems anyway, they can only enhance situations. If you’re miserable already, get ready to be more miserable, cause that’s essentially what’s going to happen.

And you know what, the so called awkwardness of it all, it’s not really. It’s just not wanting to accept the fact that neither person can really get what they want and kind of cringing in the face of it all, you should have wanted what I wanted! Oh nos. Of course things are never so convenient, lesson learned.

Unfortunately here I am again – stuck learning things the hard way as usual. My years of isolation have yet again failed my social abilities. Hardly surprising I guess, but now it’s time for a crash course because I’m tired of this crap and I’m not going to let it drag me down. When have I EVER taken the easier path in life anyway? I’ve spent my whole life doing things the hard way, because it means I got there on my own terms, fuck all if I stop now.

December 21, 2009

is bi the new straight?

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So now that acceptance of gay people is slightly above where it used to be, it seems like bi has become the new straight for a lot of people. Okay, not for everyone. There’s still the people who insist they’re 100% straight no matter what and act like they’re disgusted of any other possibilities, but those select few aside, there’s a lot more acceptance of this.

Okay, here’s a few interesting tidbits. Female bisexuals with boyfriends who think it’s cool, cause you know, their girlfriend can have some hot lesbo action. They act like they’re open to them seeing a girl or something simultaneously – until they realized that they’re more emotionally attached to the girl than himself. They’re only okay with it in the same way they’re okay with watching lesbo porn. Sorry, if you’re bi in a straight relationship, you picked a side, don’t pretend you can pick the other and it’ll still be okay. Maybe some people can pull off such a weird relationship – most will fail dramatically.

Then there’s reports that all the chemicals in our food are turning us into a bunch of mutant freaks – feminine males and masculine females in more abundance. Or maybe it’s just the population increase meaning there’s more people like this. Who knows for sure, all I know is that being bi is fine, being indecisive and fucking with peoples feelings is not.

Plus, I’ve never really met anyone who was bi that hasn’t favored one side or the other. Some people say bi is like a gay person in training and/or someone who hasn’t come out all the way, but I’m not convinced that’s the case at all.

An old friend of mine once told me, to truly enjoy sex then you have to be bisexual. An interesting perspective. They went through their varying phases of sexuality in some unusual extremes so I can’t say it’s a quote that represents everyone. However, what I took from it was that you can’t truly enjoy something unless you’ve tried all your options.

Generally when meeting most people, you don’t assume they’re not straight unless there’s something obvious. I’ve noticed that many people are unsure of my sexuality when I meet them, both men and women. Why? I’m not quite sure. Is it because of my long hair and beard, do they think i’m some kind of 1970s latex gimp man, or maybe my sort of lack of socialness towards people, but I don’t know.

All I do know is that I’m not going to lump myself into the indecisive middle group just cause it’s cool. I’m straight and always was – not that I’m one of the macho men type, and not that I can’t be turned on by the same sex – just that I have always desired relationships with women. That’s not to say men can’t ever turn me on or anything, but it’s just not the same thing and wouldn’t be right to me.

Now, I’m not against people who go the other route. I’m not sure if it’s a genetic thing or not, though I could understand the attraction part. I almost feel like people are hated on for saying being gay is a choice – to bisexuals, isn’t that almost the case? They say you can’t choose who you fall in love with, although I’m not the type of person who believes there’s only “one” person out there. So I don’t buy it, basically.

Thus I start to feel bisexuality is used almost as an excuse. An excuse for infidelity, or otherwise. Ladies, it’s not hot, it’s just part of life. Don’t use it to your advantage just cause guys think it might be at first, it won’t be in the end. Men, well, shit good luck. Pull a Larry Craig and see what happens in your marriage.

And now that I’ve pissed off the gay/lesbian/bi community, I should start picking on minorities.

I was tempted to title this article “online dating sites made me hate bisexuals” but given that this article had other real life influences as well, it wasn’t quite right. Your mileage may vary.

December 13, 2009

piercings and tattoos don’t make you hot

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I’m not a big fan of these things as you may be able to tell. Well, piercings aren’t as bad, you can take them out and stuff. Tattoos are a lot harder to remove. That’s the real issue.

People who have them are often overly proud about it. I don’t really care too much either way, but if you have to announce it like it’s a disclaimer then I’m not too impressed. It kind of reminds me of the south park episode where they call all of the bikers fags. That’s sort of how I feel about some of these tattoo people.

Also when it ‘s coming from unmotivated jobless bums, and/or people who think being a tattoo artist is a good career choice. It’s almost like saying you want to do graffiti for a living. Except on someones body with a needle for cash.

Honestly, I don’t care that much either way, but if you really are going to do it then you better not be a fool. Also, tattoos can never really make you “hotter”. Sorry if you’re hot and you have a tattoo it’s kind of like you just put a chip in the vase. That’s all I’m saying.

Sure you can get them removed with expensive laser surgery, but it’s out of many peoples price range and probably doesn’t happen as often as you think. Even so, people who get tattoos like on their neck and face and other highly visible places are just asking for failure in life. Don’t go around advertising your foolishness to me.

December 5, 2009

meetings are a waste of time

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I’ve been meaning to write something about this for a while. I hate meetings, and for a few good reasons too.

Generally, most meetings are useless and often have a negative outcome. It’s a way to pretend that you’re discussing something in an open manner, when you’ve really already made up your mind. Fact is, most of the decisions are usually made before the decision to meet was. We’re just here to get your input, and by that, we really mean we’re just telling you how it is and will be and want to weed out those who might give us any trouble.

Sit back and quietly listen to the speech, however misdirected it may be, and don’t dare say a word. This is often how most meetings go. Any real issues will likely be handled privately before and after the meeting, without the input of the whole.

Well, you might be saying, this isn’t a democracy, and truthfully it isn’t, but let’s not pretend like it’s all good while we proceed to waste your time with pre-packaged bad news. And maybe the news isn’t really that bad, it’s just different…changes. Well, change isn’t always bad, but any change, even the most minuscule can have a fairly large effect on the morale of the whole. Maybe to the CEO, your vacation time is no big deal, since he’s always off on “business trips” and no where to be found, or maybe that old-timer who’s always calling out with no repercussions. What I’m really saying is that exceptions are always made, but it’s far too easy to make decisions that effect other people in unknown ways when you’re the exception.

And thus meetings. Fact is, most people will live strolling along through the stream of crap since they have nothing better to do, they need money, job provides, bullshit in between, nothing they can do, deal with it.

Me, I manage to put up with it somehow, I speak out in dissent to those I trust, wishing I had the leverage to actually make a difference, but really being out of place in either case. Fact is, here I am writing about it, because some day, I will do it better. I have a job now, but I am young and fairly opportunistic towards running my own endeavors, and when that time eventually comes I will know what to avoid.

Some people have had it easy – what does it matter to them. Well, it won’t win you any fans, and maybe you’re rich as fuck, so who cares, but I will see through your bullshit. I don’t care about social expectations. I am not a “team player”. All that really means to me is someone who mindlessly follows order, like a big pile of group think. I want people to think for themselves and not be intimidated by the decisions being made, rather being part of them.

How is this possible? Well first of all, you can talk to people. Not just your upper management in your private quarters, but the average people in their working environments. What do they care about. Also, different departments might have different needs. Blindly applying the needs of one department to the rest might mean you greatly disappoint a large amount of people while satisfying the needs of one group.

Then there’s just the meetings which are mostly a pure waste of time. These are generally the optional meetings touted as informational and might even have a time limit. Fact is, people don’t need informational meetings, if they need to know something to do their job better, they will ask those around them and/or find the right place to go. If people were really that unmotivated that they need to constantly be brought up to date, something just seems wrong. These meetings often have people dozing off and/or resting their heads on their hands while they stare aimlessly at a power point presentation which is almost identical to the one from two weeks ago.

Meetings aren’t necessary when people are enjoying their job and actually doing what they should. People will naturally convene and discuss things of importance to the task at hand, without the necessity of predefined dates/times, meeting rooms, and other such non-sense.

Things tend to stagnate when people don’t like what they are doing, or when they are doing it purely for the money. Mediocrity is made this way. People will do the bare minimums to get by and try to basically stay towards the middle of the pack – be average.

Trying to make people do more than average means keeping them happy – unfortunately what employees usually enjoy at a company tends to be the very freedoms which get stripped away as a company grows.

It’s like a government in a way, the government starts out with some initial laws, like the constitution and the bill of rights. Skip forward a few hundred years and you’ll have to be read hundreds of thousands of pages worth of law books to fully grasp the laws of a country.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve gotten an e-mail from an employer which was clearly only sent because someone, somewhere, did something stupid and now it’s time to announce whatever it was to the whole company to make sure this doesn’t ever happpen again, by anyone, when it was only one person who had done it.

Even though it’s not usually something I had done, it still angers me. It angers me because I just see one more freedom stripped off the list. Fast-forward a few years in a growing company and those e-mails start adding up. The companies rules to live by and/or employee manuals are updated. Maybe someone was caught doing something naughty on a lunch break, now lunch breaks have to be within the contained area, or at a specific time, or within a specific amount time, however unreasonable it may be. This is just an example.

Such decisions, made in private, applied to the whole, lower morale. I don’t care how minuscule you think the change is, or even if what you’re taking away is so obscure that there’s no way anyone should care, it doesn’t matter. The fact that people see you depriving them of it is enough to do it.

Also, some people are intimidated by power. When an employer asks you what they could to do make things better, most employees are very hesitant to answer honestly, usually giving a round-about answer which misleads the person asking.

Example: “Tuition reimbursement.” Do people working full time jobs really want you to help them pay for more school? Maybe somtimes, but no, they just want you to pay off their pre-existing college loans, which is probably not going to happen in most companies. Also, such a program has no benefit to someone who did not go to school but does their job just as well as the person who did.

Employers/employees, don’t fall into this trap of confusion. You won’t get honest answers talking to employees this way, and unless you really involve these people in your decision making process and earn their trust for real, and not purely by their paycheck, you are unlikely to find out the truth anyway.

Also, never, ever, treat your employees like they owe you for giving them their job. They might be thankful for their jobs, but regardless, you owe them for their work, never the other way around. Don’t act like you’re doing everyone a big favor just because times are bad, you will just be silently resented.

October 22, 2009

I’m a blogger and you should care about my opinions (aka if this really were a blog)

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In life, I have extraordinarily low expectations and when someone takes time out of the day to personally greet me and treat me as their god for simply being present, I prefer this.

Normally, people just ignore me, not even giving me a glance, but when I walked into this particular venue, my experience was that of a king. Why, I can’t help but recommend it to all my friends. Clearly this is how everything should be.

You other people don’t understand, everyone’s expectations are already so low. Such insignificant smalltalk, to me, makes the difference. Why, who knows if this was a one-off event, or just a particularly nice person. Okay, so maybe all the staff does act like a big group of happy robots, but then wait a minute, is this really a legit conversation then? But let’s forget about that, I’m a blogger and I have opinions and I thought this was good and you should too. And now you all should spread the word, because the bird is the word.

Look, I’m a blogger and I am an expert. Don’t even think about it.

blogging is not an excuse
blogging is not a job
blogging is not marketing
blogging is the problem

and suicide is the solution.

September 11, 2009

twitter sucks, omfgmjisdead, global warming is a fad

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It’s been a while. I don’t know why, maybe because I moved my domains around and broke my database and didn’t feel like fixing it. Oh well. I’m back.

Twitter sucks. Period. I don’t care what you think it’s useful for. It still sucks. And I’m tired of the people who use it trying to justify it to me. They suck too.

Where do I begin? Okay, I know. It started with text messaging. Okay, some people say it started with facebook which is also sorta true but fuck them. Anyway, text messaging on a phone is the dumbest idea ever. Case in point, you have a god damn phone in your hand, fucking call that person. Really, some people don’t even want to be called and rather be texted? Are people really that socially inept these days? And that’s coming from a recluse like myself, god damn.

Okay but actually I’m starting to come around to text messaging, especially when people leave me these stupid ass voice messages. Okay, just text me, I don’t want to have to listen to you ramble on about some stupid bullshit when I could read it on my screen in 1 line.

I blame facebook.

Twitter sucks. Why? Because it took a stupid feature from cell phones and a stupid feature from facebook and combined them into one giant megastupid cesspool of people’s bullshit that no one cares about. Planning a revolution? Tweet about it! Think someone cares you like that song? They don’t. And I don’t care that you just got your haircut and came back from vacation. Guess what, we’ve all done these stupid inconsequential things. What makes you so special? Oh that’s right, nothing. You fucker. Go drink the magic kool-aid and die already. All the cool kids are doing it, so why aren’t you?


Global warming is a fad. I’m serious. While there are some studies that show that the climate has changed over the years following the industrial revolution, it doesn’t mean squat to me. Almost all legitimate reports say, while the warming is happening, the large scale effects are still for the most part unknown. And do you know why? Because humans are insignificant twits.

100 years is nothing. Try a few billion. Suck on that for a few. Fact is these short term changes are indeed happening but with a limited long term history based on fossils and such, we don’t know for sure. So should doing things for the environment make you feel like an awesome person? Well, probably not. Fact is people were tree-hugging long before the global warming fad, but why is it becoming so popular all of the sudden? Is it because of Bush Jr driving the country down the shitter, or false hopes from prophet Obama? Or is it something deeper altogether. I don’t know.

Should you drive a hybrid car? Should you pay for carbon credits? Should you spend all this money on eco-friendly products? For the most part, no. Fact is, every hack, quack, and crook has been taking advantage of the eco-hype for years now. Almost every product is a joke and doesn’t really work.

Hybrids are a good idea in theory but in practice, carrying around the weight of 2 separate propulsion systems and then both gasoline and batteries is not very efficient in terms of weight. Any good car designer knows light weight means less power for the same means. It’s kind of like strapping a 2 ton solar panel onto a 3 ton car trying to make an electric car. It might seem eco-friendly but it’s horribly inefficient.

And why do we need hybrids when Europeans have been making turbo-diesels that can get over 40mpg for years now? And why haven’t any of those been imported into America until very recently with a few Volkswagen models? The diesel mini-cooper gets over 72mpg but you never hear anyone talk about that. It’s all hype about hybrids. At least the new chevy volt is a step in the right direction, going to a completely electric drive-train rather than having 2 separate propulsion systems entirely. We’ll see how it plays out in practice.

All these other eco-products are turning out to be double-sided or otherwise misunderstood. CFL lightbulbs are an example of this. The mercury argument is stupid and I hate the eco-bastards who mention mercury as if elemental mercury is the most deadly thing in the world, when it’s not. So CFL lightbulbs are good then? Well sort of. If you use them in any area where the lights are turned on and off a lot, the ignitors go bad fairly quickly and the bulbs end up dying sometimes very prematurely even.

So, you save some energy costs, then the bulb dies, now the higher cost of the bulb comes back to bite you. So you win some you lose some. The real solution? LED lighting. It’s too expensive out the moment for most people to consider but it is out there.

Often the real solutions aren’t the one’s advertised, and that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. Lighter cars with turbo-diesels, led lighting, and so on. Don’t even get me started on organic food. Most organic food is horribly inefficient and uses more resources for less food. If you’re an eco-nut and you think eating this supposedly organic food is good for the environment and/or somehow better for you, think again. Recent studies have come out showing it’s not any better or worse from you, and that there’s no evidence from any of these “non-organic” fertilizers and pesticides (which have to go through strict testing procedures) are causing any sort of ailments what-so-ever.

So what is it then? You’re paying more for less. That’s what it is. People follow blindly and do what they are told is good when in reality they should be thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions. As always, the followers fall for the pseudo-science spouted by people trying to make a quick buck and nothing really gets done. Eco-fail!

December 12, 2008

fuck activists

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You heard me, fuck ’em. I’m like seriously tired of activists for some reason. I don’t know why, I mean when I was younger I was like always trying to fight against stupidity and what not, but I never did the stupid crap that the average mis-educated activist does.

I just don’t care anymore. Maybe I’m getting old or something but I really just don’t have time to worry about shit which doesn’t directly effect me. Maybe that’s just me being selfish but seriously if it isn’t going to effect me in any way shape or form then it’s probably not that important.

Then there’s just people who don’t shut up. I swear to god if I hear another person talking about global warming or greenpeace or saving the whales or some other stupid bullshit cause I’m going to punch a baby seal in the face. I don’t fucking care, shut up!

And these people always never know what the fuck they’re talking about. They’ll be like protesting against global warming or some shit and they won’t even know a damn thing about it, it’s just like the cool thing to protest against or something. I fucking hate fads, and ecofads are no exception. I want to kill a whale and burn the oil just to spite global warming. Fuck you greenpeace and peta and al gore. ARGH!

August 28, 2008


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So overall I guess you could say my life is going pretty well right now, I got a new job with better pay, more responsibilities, more challenges. Overall a much better experience than my last job…but…for some reason it still feels like something’s missing.

Sometimes I have doubts. At first, I was sort of doubting myself, whether I was up to the job, that kind of thing. Now that it’s been a few months, I’m pretty much settled in and am generally getting through the work assigned to me without much trouble. That’s not the problem now either. What is the problem?

I guess it’s really the same thing that’s always bothered me. I hate taking orders from people. It’s not even that, I hate when people nitpick about things. Maybe I just can’t take criticism or something? This has happened to me before, at my last job and at other places. I know that whatever comments made were not intended to offend, but you know what, they sorta do and not because of what is asked of me, but rather for 2 reasons: the general indirectness of it all, it’s usually kinda ambiguous, so often there’s uncertainty as to whether this comment made was due to a complaint from someone, if it was just something obvious, or if it was a particular event, rather than some sort of general behavior. And if the latter, is it really likely to reoccur? Is it worth the effort?

So yeah, the uncertainty is killer. The second thing is that it’s nitpicky, so it’s usually something that’s kinda dumb and probably better handled some other way anyway. There’s only so much of yourself that you can force onto others, even the followers….

And I think that’s really what it comes back to, I guess I just don’t like changing myself for anyone. I’ve always been like that. I’d much rather be in charge, not because I have some general plan as the new overlord and want to control others, but rather because then I’m not effected by those things that bother me. Maybe that’s kind of arrogant, but then again I haven’t ever met anyone in charge who doesn’t have at least a shred of arrogance.

I know it’s possible. I’ve seen it. My father, my grandfathers, all of them were in charge of their endeavors, store owners, business owners, what not. I guess you could say I’m trying to live up to their standards, but it’s not really about that at all. It’s about doing things the way I think best, rather than the way someone else thinks.

I think about a lot of things, better ways to do things, improvements, what not, I’m always trying to fix things, as usual. Sometimes I feel that the legacy of an existing system prevents new ideas from flourishing. That kind of has a double meaning honestly, as I’m using it to refer to people, but it can apply to any type of system….computers, organizations in general, gatherings, an accounting system, whatever. I want my own system, my own way of things. It can’t be all that bad. Or maybe I’m just being overly ambitious…who knows.

Then there’s things I just plain disagree on. Yes, some people just have preferences I don’t like. I can’t really do much about that one. Some people are easily persuaded, others are not, honestly I’m not going to fight about it either way. The question is, I’ve silently put up with it for years, while deep down always being annoyed by these types of things, will I continue this path forever? It’s not that bad, really, I mean, it could be a lot worse. When I’m at home, all that stuff doesn’t matter anyway…or does it?

Will I sell my soul, or will I some day take control…?

heh, fuck it, I’m still young. time will tell soon enough.

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